Friday, December 31, 2010

One of a Kind Straightline Cycler Doubler

What on earth is a Straightline Cycler Doubler?

1) You could be in a Straightline Downline, so your Ad Spots are SOLD to the next set of people who buy. There is only ONE Company Straighline Downline, so every sale is time-stamped and goes into the Straightline. So the automatic sale will occur very quickly!

2) This is also a Cycler because once you SELL, you are automatically re-entered! 50% of the sale re-enters you, and rolls you up to buy the higher Panel when you have enough. This all happens automatically, so it is really “set it and forget it”! When you re-enter, this count as another SALE to your referrer!

3) This is a Doubler because you are able to SELL your Ad Spots for DOUBLE what you paid for in the Marketplace. So you get a chance to DOUBLE your money! The perfect question now is: How many times can I double my money? It is endless doubling! You don’t need to refer anyone for the first two doubles, and for every double after that, you need to have two Banner Panel Sales at the level in which you are Doubling. So to double at Panel 1, you need two Panel 1 sales (after your first two doubles).

IMPORTANT: You get the first two doubles without the need for any sales!! So why would you choose to only double at the smaller Panels? Start at a package that is right for you and make sure you are doubling quickly without the needed sales. For example, if you start at the Professional Package, you are doubling ALL of Panel 1, Panel 2, Panel 3 and Panel 4… TWICE before you need any sales!

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